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Government Benefits Programs

Canada has many different government benefits programs for permanent residents including social assistance programs in each province. In order to access these programs, you must have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). In order to get a SIN, you must be a permanent resident, a Canadian citizen, or a temporary resident.

You can download an application form for a SIN card from the Service Canada website. There is a fee to apply.

Once you have a SIN card, you can apply for different programs. However, each program has different eligibility rules and needs to be checked separately. Each province or territory may also have different eligibility rules.

These programs are organized and described by province and territory on theCanada Benefits website under:

  1. Programs for parents
    The purpose of these programs is to provide assistance to parents to care for their children.

  2. Programs for those in need of social assistance
    These programs provide temporary financial assistance to individuals and families who are in need.

  3. Programs for seniors
    These are programs specifically for seniors.

To gather further information about which programs you want to access and are eligible for, you can also contact the government offices in your city.

Reminder: Keep in mind that during the sponsorship agreement period while your husband is legally responsible to provide for you as a sponsor, you may not be able to access these benefits. Check with the government offices in your city about your qualifications.

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